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Blended learning and e-learning for in-house professional development

In-house professional development is an important investment in a company’s future. If the knowledge and abilities of your staff are optimally developed, the whole business becomes more efficient. Benefit from ILT Solutions’ expertise in staff training and development with modern learning methods.

ILT Solutions has been active in the field of media-supported professional development for over 20 years – we’ve been successfully delivering staff training courses since the early days of e-learning and blended learning. It’s this experience that led to the development of Perfect Blended Learning: a blended learning strategy with a unique educational approach precisely tailored to the staff and culture of your business.

In this way, our professional development projects gain an extremely high degree of acceptance from learners and managers. The target group thus becomes deeply engaged, resulting in efficient knowledge transfer and high retention rates. Educational monitoring allows the results during the project’s entire lifetime to be measured and archived, so you can get an overview of your employees’ level of knowledge at any time.

Achieve your in-house professional development goals with us

  • Do you want to train a large number of employees quickly and economically?
    Training programmes for compliance, specialist knowledge, software competence and many other subjects can be geared to the target group, with minimal expense.
  • Do you want to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of your service or the security of your business workflows?
    Product training courses, works safety, interviewing and soft skills can be enduringly communicated to anyone who needs them, with uniform quality and measurable results.
  • Do you want highly efficient and successful e-learning courses that are motivating and tailored to the learner’s prior knowledge?
    ILT Solutions provides adaptive training, using gamification to make learning fun.
  • Are you looking for a partner who can offer you a complete and personalised training solution with support as a service?
    Our comprehensive, modern approach is borne out by a long list of successful company projects.
  • Do you need assistance in choosing the right e-learning tools or learning platforms?
    We would be happy to put together an unbiased selection of learning management systems, authoring tools, sales portals, mobile learning systems and e-learning concepts, and assess them for you.
  • Do you need support in project marketing?
    We can generate acceptance, motivation, and project success together with you through interactive trailers, flyers, web portals and other advertising materials.

The ideal combination of modern e-learning methods

ILT Solutions is not limited to specific tools or programmes but provides independent advice that is individually tailored to your business culture and goals.

We have experience with the entire range of modern professional development methods, whether it’s classic e-learning, blended learning, gamification or mobile learning – our focus is on providing motivating and effective training of the highest quality.

Let us recommend the solutions that would best suit your training projects.

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Advice on blended learning concepts - Optimal training strategies that suit your business!

ILT Solutions

Since the beginning, ILT Solutions has worked with major international clients and together with our partners in Germany, have developed many varied learning solutions for clients. International projects are carried out by an international group of companies. The large number of projects has a strong ...

Blended Learning

An optimal training strategy that fits your company and especially the people working there requires a bespoke solution; a tailor-made concept. We help you deliver exactly that by dispensing the appropriate advice. We’ll provide you with all-round advice, answering all the questions on ...


Make you learners proud of their learning achievements with certification! With our certification system, it’s quick and simple to highlight the learners’ training successes thereby encouraging them onwards. We use the right certification process to deliver the appropriate certification to the target and for the content.


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