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Authoring tools for the creation of digital learning content

Knowledge administration in companies and educational organizations and knowledge transfer are being executed more and more in digitalized form. To ensure that the creation of e-learning courses can be done smoothly and well-structured, it is critically important to choose the right authoring tool. ILT Solutions can help you to compose a list of demands and support you in choosing the software, that is suited best for your training situation.


What is an authoring tool?

An authoring tool is a software for the creation of multimedia e-learning courses. Since e-learning authors often are experts in their field, the user interface of an authoring software is designed so, that the tool can also be used by persons without programming skills.

Depending on the individual software, various media types can be integrated into the courses:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Animations
  • Minigames
  • Interactive graphics

Next to these types of media, most authoring tools offer the possibility to implement various question types like multiple/single choice, drag & drop or gap text. The question have a feedback function: learners will get an individual response to the solution they chose.

authoring tools in the e-learning environment

Most authoring systems support interface standards like SCORM or Tin Can API. The interface is necessary that the courses can transmit learning progress information to the superordinate learning platform (learning management system). After a course is created, it is normally published in a web-compatible data format (creation of web-based trainings). Some authoring tools have an additional option to publish a so-called standalone version - they can be run without internet connection.

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