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Designing compliance elearning in an attractive way

Which compliance topics have to be trained by companies? How to train employees effectively? How can elearning solutions save time and money? At our event on September the 29th those questions were at the center of our attention in presentations, discussions and brainstormings.,

Need for action in the compliance department

The introductory talk by managing director Rainer Illing made clear: There is a big need for action in many a company's compliance department. In many cases, employees are not even sure about the meaning of the term "compliance". Elsewhere, rules or regulations are unknown or being ignored consciously. The conclusion: To meet the requirements, well-organized, documented and accepted trainings are necessary.

Best practice compliance at ARAG SE

Tim Fehske on compliance elearningHow solutions like that can look like in detail showed the best practice example about our project with ARAG SE about the German Insurance Supervision Act and Solvency II, a new EU regulation for insurance companies. A rather dry topic, that is tackled by ILT Solutions with an exciting concept. At first, we build up touchpoints to the workplace reality with live-action film sequences. When the topics become more abstract, the design changes. In those parts, only icons are deployed. Drawed avatars that lead through the plot and storytelling complement this approach.

Learning fun despite dry content

In regards to motivation, the central message was this: it is possible to design compliance elearning courses - even if the subject matter may seem dry and even boring. In order to support learner motivation, it is necessary that the courses provide diversity on all levels. Furthermore, learners want to have challenges, rewards and a sense of achievement. It is also helpful to provide autonomy and the possibility to discover new things for the learners. And finally, the relevancy for the learners situation should always become clear.

Motivating and adaptive - Web-based Trainings by ILT Solutions

All of these aspects are combined by the new portal "clinic-learn". These courses are highly motivational because they deploy the principle of adaptive learning. This means that every course adapts automatically to the learners' previous knowledge. Already learned and internalized content does not have to be learned again. In this way, time and ressources can be saved. Together with an attractive and interactive design, the trainings are the perfect means to convey compliance knowledge in an exciting way.

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