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Gamification in professional development

Learning by playing – is it possible? Of course! Elements of play (gamification) ensure a strong increase in learner engagement, thereby significantly raising the learning success rate. Enrich your training with elements of play or mini games, or integrate your web-based training into a complete game scenario to increase learning motivation.

Courses embedded in a game environment

Many professional development professionals cringe when they hear the words “instructional games” or “learning through play”. The topic is seen as too expensive to implement, or “not enough like work”. But using the principle of play to increase learning motivation doesn’t always mean expensive game production. Simply adding mini games or elements of play (e.g., collecting points, earning badges), has a significant and positive effect on learner motivation.

Serious games for learning success

game based learning


Gamification as an e-learning element ensures that learner engagement increases strongly and the learning success rate is significantly raised.

Difficult or “dry” content in particular can be made attractive and motivating with the use of serious games.

Learners have their curiosity piqued and are inspired to try out different ways to find solutions.

The motivating variation between challenge (exciting) and reward (relaxing) and the increased visual appeal are additional driving forces for successful learning.

Potential uses of the gamification principle

There are a range of potential uses for the gamification principle:

  • Serious games
  • Mini quizzes and mini games
  • Flash cards
  • Interview simulations
  • Rewards points system
  • Rankings (high scores)
  • Tasks (quests)
  • Role play
  • Integrating elements of play into daily work routines
  • Game scenarios used as a structure for WBT
  • 3D simulations

Pure gaming solutions don’t achieve the necessary acceptance in all companies since play is often viewed with scepticism.

ILT Solutions GmbH accommodates this point of view by cleverly combining games with other learning elements. This way our gamification projects are cheaper and result in faster economic viability and higher acceptance from management.

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