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Seminars – classic or modern

Seminars are an important component of blended learning projects. They offer great opportunities for communication and interaction, making them the necessary counterpart for solo learning with textbooks and e-learning programmes. ILT Solutions supports you in organising your face-to-face or online seminars and training your trainers.

people learning together in a seminar

The main advantage of blended learning – the combination of various forms of learning – is that it accentuates the strong points of individual methods while minimising their drawbacks. Seminars form an important ingredient in the method mix since they facilitate immediate sharing among learners and direct communication with trainers. Group work, shared brainstorming and role play are only possible in the seminar context. Moreover, many people learn most effectively when interacting with others.

Webinars – holding seminars online

If learners are distributed across various locations, or even around the world, webinars are an ideal way to conduct seminars. To do this, participants are connected in a virtual classroom using special software. The instructor connects via video streaming and can display their presentation materials on seminar participants’ screens. Participants can interact with the trainer and each other using the microphone and chat function. In this way, webinars offer almost all of the possibilities of face-to-face seminars, with the added bonus that they can be conducted anywhere.

Webinar facilities:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Interaction via the chat function
  • Virtual projector (displaying presentation content on the screens of all participants)
  • File sharing
  • Additional communication via e-mail
  • Newsgroups and forums


Holding seminars using virtual 3D simulation

learning in a 3d environment

Another option for holding seminars without regard to location is 3D simulation. Participants are depicted in a 3D environment as avatars which they can control as in a computer game. They can converse through their headsets and gesture through the avatar. The advantages of a simulation are that the most complicated topics, such as the inner workings of a machine, can be graphically illustrated. And a simulation is highly immersive. This means that learners can dive completely into the virtual environment, increasing learning motivation and achieving a high degree of learning success.

ILT Solutions GmbH will be happy to advise you on how to best integrate seminars into a blended learning strategy, and which tools best fit your training situation. We are also able to teach your trainers how to use software for conducting webinars, virtual classrooms and 3D simulations. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about these issues or would be interested in a consultation.


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