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User-generated content for your internal knowledge management

User-generated content specifies digital content like text, images or videos that are created by the users of a platform, website or service themselves. These users are not mere consumers but also create content. Due to the rapid development of the internet, the percentage of user-generated content has increased significantly currently.

Examples of user-generated content are:

  • Internet forums
  • Wikipedia
  • Video portals like YouTube or Vimeo
  • MySpace
  • Flickr
  • The commentary function in Weblogs

examples of user-generated contentThe principle of user-generated content is also very relevant for the knowledge management of a company.

The digitalization, storage and provision of the internal (expert) knowledge is one of the central tasks of knowledge management in enterprises.

After the implementation of user-generated content, every employee is able to archive their knowledge digitally and provide it for the whole organization.

Since every employee can do this, the companies‘ store of knowledge grows continually. When experts are leaving the company, at least a part of their expert knowledge remains in the organization. Furthermore, if any employee encounters a problem, they can access the knowledge portfolio at all times to find a solution.

Advantages of user-generated content in knowledge management:

  • Mere consumers become „prosumers“ – they take on responsibility for their self-made content and are motivated to push the internal knowledge transfer forward
  • The active participation of the staff fosters the bonding with the company
  • Problems that were solved once should not occur anymore, since the solutions can be found in the knowledge management system (Performance Support)
  • There is no need for external service providers to create learning nuggets, so time and money are saved
  • Expert knowledge remains in the organization after an expert leaves the company

Tools for the creation and administration of user-generated content

For the creation and administration of learning modules, support for the experts is needed, so they can produce learning media that is comprehensible for their colleagues. In content production it is very important to apply tools that are easy to use and understand, since the average employee has normally no experience in the creation of training media. This factor does not apply to the simplest form of learning content - text - because most of the employees are capable of using a word processor. But the creation of e-learning modules needs the didactical support of an authoring tool

user-generated content in companies

Most authoring tools are difficult to handle for laymen and require a long period of adjustment. The authoring tool easygenerator is currently the only authoring system that is perfectly suited for the creation of user-generated content. For many users, easygenerator is easier to handle than Outlook, while offering all the necessary features of authoring tools: creation of tests and quizzes, integration of various media, SCORM-compatibility and responsive design that enables the use on mobile devices. The comfortable control via templates enables laymen without didactical experience to use the tool for the creation of learning modules.

The integrated editorial function makes the quality control process a lot easier. Furthermore, the content can be made available in different forms at the push of a button. For adaptive content, assessments, simple courses or glossaries, the data base is the same. Adaptive learning enables the adaptation to each learner’s previous knowledge – in this way, advanced learners will not be bored and the motivation will be increased.

For the provision of the learning content, a content management system or intranet is suitable. For professional knowledge management, we recommend a full-fledged learning management system (LMS). An LMS enables thorough reporting of the learning performance and a multitude of features to support Social Learning: forums, chats, wikis and an internal mail system can be used for the exchange between learners and trainers.

If you need consulting for the implementation of knowledge management and user-generated content in your organization, contact us!

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