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Global Business Culture

Cultural differences can cause problems in international business. Communication problems and different cultural dimensions often make the cooperation of international teams a challenge for everyone involved. What is culture? What is the role of regionalism, business vs. relationships, problems in daily business, at meetings and different leadership styles and decision-making processes? Those who have the necessary intercultural knowledge can benefit from it in their daily work and avoid making mistakes. This category gives you the opportunity to become more familiar with various rules of conduct in various countries in two separate, fun-filled courses. 

Advice on blended learning concepts - Optimal training strategies that suit your business!

ILT Solutions

ILT Solutions is a consultancy providing personalised blended learning strategies tailored to our clients, focussing on course content that motivates and ensures lasting knowledge transfer – Perfect Blended Learning. Since 1996, ILT Solutions has carried out over 800 successful professional development projects with prestigious companies from the most diverse industries.

Blended Learning

How can you make sure that your employees love learning and that taught content is communicated as effectively as possible? ILT Solutions’ blended learning strategy uses a combination of methods tailored to your company and the people who work there, ensuring learners are highly motivated and knowledge is absorbed long-term.


Make your learners proud of their learning achievements with certification! With our certification system, it’s quick and simple to highlight the learners’ training successes thereby encouraging them onwards. We use the right certification process to deliver the appropriate certification to the target and for the content.


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