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Language training

Do you want to learn a foreign language or strengthen and improve your existing skills? Then you've come to the right place. With our courses and vocabulary training, you can interactively measure and improve your skills!

  • With the award-winning language courses by Speexx, you can test and improve your knowledge of English, French, Italian, Spanish and German!
  • English Express interactively teaches you the English language in over 300 hours of lessons!
  • Or purchase one of our vocabulary trainers to improve your vocabulary in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Kölsch and Swabian!
Advice on blended learning concepts - Optimal training strategies that suit your business!

ILT Solutions

Since the beginning, ILT Solutions has worked with major international clients and together with our partners in Germany, have developed many varied learning solutions for clients. International projects are carried out by an international group of companies. The large number of projects has a strong ...

Blended Learning

An optimal training strategy that fits your company and especially the people working there requires a bespoke solution; a tailor-made concept. We help you deliver exactly that by dispensing the appropriate advice. We’ll provide you with all-round advice, answering all the questions on ...


Make you learners proud of their learning achievements with certification! With our certification system, it’s quick and simple to highlight the learners’ training successes thereby encouraging them onwards. We use the right certification process to deliver the appropriate certification to the target and for the content.


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