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Blended learning – varied learning methods and effective knowledge transfer

How can you make sure that your employees love learning and that taught content is communicated as effectively as possible? ILT Solutions’ blended learning strategy uses a combination of methods tailored to your company and the people who work there, ensuring learners are highly motivated and knowledge is absorbed long-term. Our support for your business stretches from the initial idea right through to the evaluation of the training programme.

Harness the synergies that come from combining classic classroom instruction with modern e-learning technology. With blended learning (integrated learning), the advantages of both methods are increased and their disadvantages minimised. This results in a far greater transfer of knowledge than is possible when using only one method.

Definition: What is blended learning?

Blended learning (also: integrated learning) is a training concept that deploys a mixture (blend) of various training methods. The combination of classroom training with e-learning elements is the variant that is used most frequently. When compiling a blended learning concept, it is necessary to adjust classroom training phases with self-studying units in a meaningful way. The following technologies and teaching methods can be used for integrated learning:

blended learning definition

The advantages of blended learning

Through the blend of methods, blended learning creates synergies out of the advantages of the individual categories of classroom training and e-learning. A blended learning strategy combines the advantages of classroom training, such as:

  • Direct communication with the trainer
  • Team- and group exercises
  • Instantaneous communication with peers
  • Great variety of didactical methods
  • Feeling of team spirit
  • Training of social competencies
  • Accepted training method

with the advantages of e-learning, such as:

  • Independence of time and location
  • Synchronous content
  • Use of various media formats possible
  • Automatic reporting of learning success
  • Reduction of training expenses
  • Individual talent management
  • Standardised quality
  • Multilingualism
  • Interactivity

blended learning advantages

A part of the disadvantages of both disciplines are eliminated in the combination: if a learner misses a classroom training, it is possible for him to study the learning matter online. The classroom lessons create a feeling of team spirit that could not exist in e-learning courses only. Furthermore, the variety of learning methods has something for every type of learner, thus the average training success is increased.

Blended learning methods

The main criterion for a blended learning concept is the mixing of various learning methods. Any of the methods and technologies for classroom instruction and e-learning may be included. And the methods which suit a particular curriculum are determined based on the training purpose and target group. The correct mix of self-study phases, seminar instruction and revision phases ensures an enduring learning experience incorporating the most important learning delivery channels. Via a top-level learning platform (learning management system), learners can access e-learning courses, obtain further training material, and communicate with other learners or tutors.


Perfect Blended Learning – the optimal mix for your company

The best-fit blended learning strategy for your business and its people requires an individual solution and tailored design. We adapt our professional development strategies precisely to the initial situation and to your corporate culture. Only in this way can the maximal potential success of a training project be exploited – with Perfect Blended Learning.

We also take care of all of the details directly related to the training: our services include training the trainers, organising classroom sessions and marketing campaigns for the project, as well as providing technical support and hosting for learning programmes.

Take advantage of ILT Solutions’ 20+ years of experience in new learning media. Our team of consultants, educators, designers and IT experts supports you throughout the course of the project and is available to you for questions at any time. 

When it comes to choosing the tools, ILT Solutions isn’t tied to specific programmes but researches the applications that best suit your company’s objectives together with you. If your company already uses a certain tool to create or manage e-learning courses, we can integrate it into the blended learning strategy.


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Make you learners proud of their learning achievements with certification! With our certification system, it’s quick and simple to highlight the learners’ training successes thereby encouraging them onwards. We use the right certification process to deliver the appropriate certification to the target and for the content.


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