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Knowledge management – knowledge as the most precious resource in your company

In today’s fast changing time, the knowledge in the heads of your employees is a precious resource. It is crucial to identify, preserve, use and share this knowledge with suitable methods, tools and software solutions. The proper handling of the individual knowledge of each employee is of great importance and leads to a competitive advantage of the whole enterprise in the long term.

Strategical knowledge management

Strategical knowledge management and the skilled handling of the employee’s knowledge contribute to the company’s success. An open corporate culture and the appreciation of each individual’s knowledge supports the overall productivity and the well-being of the staff.

The goal is therefore the implementation and establishment of a knowledge management system that makes the handling of knowledge more efficient and effective, so it becomes possible to profit from the knowledge significantly and sustainably.

Tools for knowledge management

The six phases of the implementation of knowledge management in small to medium businesses – recommendation of the federal ministry for economics and technology.

As with all changes in a corporation, creation of acceptance and guidance of the employees through the change process are very important. A proper change management is necessary to guarantee success in the implementation of knowledge management.

Advantages of strategical knowledge management

Strategical knowledge management offers several advantages for the employees and the whole company:

  • Increase of innovative potential and overall flexibility
  • Knowledge is documented and made available
  • Employee knowledge becomes corporate knowledge
  • The period of vocational adjustment becomes shorter
  • Unnecessary resource expense is avoided
  • Employee motivation is increased since difficulties are solved quicker and knowledge deficits are eliminated faster (Performance Support)
  • The corporate knowledge is being developed further continuously and kept up-to-date
  • Underused knowledge in the company is put to good use
  • Overall productivity rises
  • The support process is improved, since solutions can be found faster

Methods, tools and software solutions

Modern information and communications tools can be used to make information, data and knowledge manageable and applicable for everyone. According to a survey of a consultancy, about a third of all companies rate their own knowledge management as bad. This leads to the problem, that organisations and their members are obstructed in their possibility to profit from other members‘ knowledge. To give employees the chance to learn from and with each other, companies have to provide the necessary infrastructure and tools to enable them to start transferring knowledge.

A suitable software therefore should:

  • Document knowledge
  • Preserve knowledge
  • Make knowledge accessible at all times
  • Visualize and present knowledge
  • Enable the exchange of knowledge

Social Learning in the Enterprise 2.0

In an interconnected and dynamical world, the subject areas of work and learning are meeting each other. Especially collaborative learning, also called „Social Learning“, is becoming more and more important. Until now, the possibilities of collaborative learning and the collective production of learning nuggets are not being perceived completely, and user-generated content can only mostly be found in the form of wikis.


With the „learning organization“ in mind, ILT Solutions focusses especially on the interconnection of knowledge management and e-learning. The implementation of tools and methods that foster social learning in enterprises and the indentation of work and learning processes are the core of knowledge management consulting at ILT Solutions.

If you are interested in a nonbinding consultancy concerning this subject or need support for the digital transformation in your organization, contact us!

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ILT Solutions is a consultancy providing personalised blended learning strategies tailored to our clients, focussing on course content that motivates and ensures lasting knowledge transfer – Perfect Blended Learning. Since 1996, ILT Solutions has carried out over 800 successful professional development projects with prestigious companies from the most diverse industries.

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How can you make sure that your employees love learning and that taught content is communicated as effectively as possible? ILT Solutions’ blended learning strategy uses a combination of methods tailored to your company and the people who work there, ensuring learners are highly motivated and knowledge is absorbed long-term.


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